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Cellularlink Had Been Successfully Listed At NEEQ With Stock Code: 835826 On Mar.1th 2017

Cellularlink had been successfully listed at NEEQ(National Equities Exchange and Quotations) with stock code: 835826

168th collective listing ceremony was held at NEEQ(National Equities Exchange and Quotations) on March 1th 2017. There are 8 companies which were successfully listed the shares on China’s over-the-counter exchange for  medium-sized and small enterprises.

The 8 companies are:
835141: Hufa Technology Holding Co.,Ltd
Sponsored broker: Changjiang Securities Company Limited
835259: Shenzhen hanix United,Ltd.
Sponsored broker: Huachuang Securities Company Limited
835370: Wuhan Dongjiang Valves Manufacturing CO.Ltd
Sponsored broker: Shenwan Hongyuan Securities Company Limited
835395: Guotai Renfang Group
Sponsored broker: NanJing Securities Company Limited
835480: Shandong Beiqi Hai Hua Automobile Parts Co., Ltd
Sponsored broker: Capital Securities Company Limited
835504: Jiangxi Senyang Technology Co., LTD.
Sponsored broker: The Pacific Securities Co.,Ltd
835801: Beijing GTI IOT Technology Co.,Ltd
Sponsored broker: Zhongtai Securities Co.,Ltd
835826: Guangdong Cellularlink Electronic Incorporated Company
Sponsored broker: Datong Securities Co.,Ltd

1-cellularlink-at-neeq-with-stock-code-835826 2-cellularlink-at-neeq-with-stock-code-835826