Guangdong Cellular Link Electronic Incorporated Company
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Target Audit

We are Target authorized and audited supplier for cell phone accessories and RC drones.
Factory ID for Target: 2092443 (Target Ethical Sourcing)

PROFESSIONAL: 10+ years experience, supplying excellent product and service with the most competitive price
BEST QUALITY: supplying the best quality products, with UL, FCC, CE, ROHS, REACH, MSDS, SDS, CA65, UN38.3, ATSM, CPSIA certificates and report.
Ethical Standards Audit / Responsible Sourcing Audit
1:Compliance Of Wage: Wage For Normal Hours
2: Benefits: Medical Check Up / Insufficient Insurance Coverage
3: Labor Hours
4: Employment Practices
5: Electrical Safety
6: Ppe / Chemical Safety
7: Right Of Inspection
8: Environment - Wastewater & Effluents Management
9: Environment - Water Management
10: Environment - Energy Use And Ghg (Greenhouse Gas) Management
11: Environment - Management System
12: Equipment Safety / Machine Safety
13: Fire Safety: Training
14: Fire Safety: Facility Measures
15: Dormitories And Canteen
16: Dormitories And Canteen - Fire Safety: Timely Egress
17: Dormitories And Canteen - Fire Safety: Training