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Cellularlink 2600mAh Samsung I9500 B600BE High Capacity Cellular Battery

Product Name:Cellularlink 2600mAh Samsung I9500 B600BE High Capacity Mobile Phone Battery

Brand: Samsung
Model: I9500
Capacity: 2600mAh
Part Number: B600BE

1:Keeps your phone powered and ready to go.
2:Ensures reliability and long battery life.
3:Provide power to your samsung cellular phones with high capacity and high quality.
4:Utilizes high capacity LI-ion cells, such as Panasonic, BYD, BAK, TMB, ect, guaranteeing safety and reliability and long term , stable cycles.
5:CE certified-Quality Asured, with MSDS,UN38.3
6:Compatible with: Samsung  B600BE/ I9500/ Galaxy S4/ I9152/ I9502

Cellularlink 2600mAh Samsung I9220 High Capacity Mobile Phone Battery, Compatible with: Samsung B600BE/ I9500/ Galaxy S4/ I9152/ I9502

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