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Cellularlink Agriculture Spraying Drone with 20kgs Spray Tank

Professional Agriculture Spraying Drone
Product Name: Cellularlink Agriculture Spraying Drone with 20kgs Spray Tank

Brand: Cellularlink
Model: LSL-919
Spray Tank: 20kgs
Axis: helicopter
Size: 1958mm*455mm*680mm
Capacity: 2pcs*14000mAh battery
Application: Plant posticide, feed, fortilization, pollination,fire fighting

1. Size of package: 210cm*55cm*75cm, weight 15.5KGS (including 5KGS batteries 2pcs)
2. Wheelbase: 2200mm
3. Weight of UAV without payload: 10.5KGS
4. Max take-off weight:33.5KGS
5. Max payload weight:20KGS
6. Volume of medicine box: 20L
7. The power supplied by lithium battery:12S*2,44.4V 14000mAh
8. Speed of Motor: 1150 turms/ min.
9. Flight Time: ≥30mins.
10. Working Time: ≥18mins.
11. Working Speed: 3-8m/s
12. Working height:>1m
13. Working width:5-8m/s (decided by crop)
14. Sprinkle head:5
15. Sprinkle Volume: 1L-1.5L/min
16. Working efficiency: 66700m2/h
17. Windproof level≤: level6
18. Working environment: All geographical and climatic enviroment flight altitude≥3000m
19. Working object: sprinkle the medichine and fertilizer to crop,firefighting
20. Extra application: promoting technical module, it can use to wire-patrol and wire-erected by lading other equipment
21. Flight mode: manual control,GPS,automatic flight
22. FPV mode: Real-time image transmission, improve working effiency, saving manpower cost (this mode decided by user)
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