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iDrones Professional Quadcopter Drone with 4K HD Video Camera 30mins.Flight Time

Professional Photography DronesProduct Name: Cellularlink iDrones Quadcopter Drone with 4K HD Video Camera
Brand: iDrones
Model: iDrones1
Camera:16MP/4K HD
Flight Time:30-35 Mins.
Function: one key takeoff, one key return, low battery return.


1. PAC new technology system.
2. WIFI wireless network video real-time transmission,the transmission distance can reach 800-1000m.
3. Flying pattern:manual control/automatic control flying pattern can free switch.
4. Wireless control 2.4GHZ.Radius of flight farthest reach 500m, flying highest height can reach 800m.
5. Big propeller design:9.5 inch,provide enough flying power.
6. High drive 3S motor,revolving speed faster, flying higher
7. Reasonable fuselage weight, filament line fuselage design make the flying and air-shooting more stable.
8. Mounted camera ,multi-functional intelligent mobile device operating system
9. Equipped 6900mAh battery,Flying time can reach 30-35 min,long flying time.
10. Intelligent battery controller
11. One key take off ,automatic orientation
12. Low power alarm auto return、one key return.
13. Out-control return(When the controller is out of control or alarm in flying,the drone can auto return to the take off point )
14. Set height、automatic orientation、
15. Equipped with ultra high-definition camera up to 16 million pixel,full degree shooting,4 k resolution video shooting(4096*2160 pixel resolution)
16. Two-axis auto stability gimbals auto-shooting

Cellularlink iDrones Quadcopter Drone with 16MP/4K HD Video Camera,30-35 Mins. Flight time and  one key takeoff, one keyreturn, low battery return.Enjoy smooth, beautiful footage no matter how you fly!

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