Guangdong Cellular Link Electronic Incorporated Company
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Production Process

Produced products:power bank/ charger/ battery/ cable / glass & case.
Production line: Drones: 4, power bank: 8, battery : 8,charger:8, cable: 4, glass/case: 4
Production capacity: 5-10K /day for each item: Drones/ Portable Power Bank/ cell phone chargers/ Mobile Battery Pack/ USB cable /tempered glass glass & case
Test Instruments: Capacity Grading cabinet, battery tester, High precision resistance tester, Electronic load meter, multimeter, PCB tester, Voltage leakage current tester, comprehensive test instrument, electronic scale, Digital calipers, direct-current main, alternating current power supply, aging test machine.
Production & Test Equipment: Strength tester, spot-welding machine, Drop machine, Simulated shaking table , constant temperature and humidity machine, Salt spray test machine, ultrasonic, Code machine, cutting machine, Tin stove, wave-soldering, package heat sealing machine.


We are Walmart, Disney, Target, Tesco, Energizer, Sedex, MFI authorized and audited supplier for cell phone accessories and RC drones.
Factory ID for walmart: 36140613 (Responsible Sourcing audit: Yellow )
FCCA/Factory Capability&Capacity Audit: 82.2%
Facility Security Audit: 96
Factory ID for Disney: 037640 ( SDI/IHOME/ kids-design ,with FAMA)
Factory ID for Target: 2092443 (Target Ethical Sourcing)
Factory ID for Sedex: ZC3266905 (2-Pillar and 4-Pillar)

Factory ID for MFI: 228061 (Made for iPod,iPhone,iPad)