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Quality Control

Professional: 10+ years experience, supplying excellent product and service with the most competitive price
Best Quality: supplying the best quality products, with UL,FCC,CE, ROHS,REACH, MSDS,SDS,CA65,UN38.3,ATSM,CPSIA certificates and report.
Reliable: every Cellularlink‘s product is tested through formal and professional procedure

Produced products:
Phone & Accessories,Cell Phone & Accessories, Cellular Phone & Accessories:
Power bank, Portable Charger, Portable Power Bank, Power Packs, Mobile Battery Pack, charger, home charger, wall charger, car charger, Vehicle Charger, combo Car Charger, USB charger, Corded charger/ battery/ cable / glass & case.

Test Instruments: Capacity Grading cabinet, battery tester, High precision resistance tester, Electronic load meter, multimeter, PCB tester, Voltage leakage current tester, comprehensive test instrument, electronic scale, Digital calipers, direct-current main, alternating current power supply, aging test machine.
Production & Test Equipment: Strength tester, spot-welding machine, Drop machine, Simulated shaking table , constant temperature and humidity machine, Salt spray test machine, ultrasonic, Code machine, cutting machine, Tin stove, wave-soldering,package heat sealing machine.